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Who We Are?

Oshii Brownie is a premier South Asian fusion apparel brand that aims at the reinvention of traditional aesthetics by reinterpreting cultural heritage through fusion art.

The pursuit of designing at Oshii Brownie revolves around rebelling mainstream aesthetics, by reimagining South Asian heritage into fashion and wearable tech-art design. The journey to construct an alternate truth continues hands in hand with investigating identity through cutting-edge tech and media technology.

At Oshii Brownie, regional ideas co-exist with transnational inspirations, which together allow reimagining a futuristic and forthcoming representation for the brown identity. The collections we design are an ode to the wonders of amazing talents and brilliant minds of South Asia, as well as an experience to taste the near future. The focus is shifted more on imaginative capabilities, rather than intact customs to push the limits of the traditional understanding of beauty, ownership, and acceptability we presently associate ourselves with.

Our prêt-à-porter range offers Coats, accessories, custom wearable items, and much more. To achieve this multitude of experiences, we love dissecting eastern narratives to blend with unique silhouettes and global trend demand for art and tech lovers!