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Oshii Brownie Studio is an Artist Initiative rebelling mainstream fashion by supporting New Media Art and Fashion for brown skin/diverse human representation. To do this, we create researched and conceptual fashion for the new futuristic-era, by creating AI-generated Multi-Media Art Experiences and aesthetic products.

“Oshii” in Japanese, something you find precious, something you support. Oshii also rhymes with the word “Oishii” which means “delicious”. Brownie word here stands for the brown skin, just like a delicious edible brownie, it represents this idea that brown skin is stunningly beautiful and deserves to be recognized, as our slogan. There is something precious and you don’t want to lose it. You don’t want to waste what you value that is also called “Oshii” in Japanese. Since the visual vocabulary and artistic influence for aesthetics are derived from Japanese manga, anime, and co-plays, it only made more sense to use the word which had so many diverse interpretations.

OSHII Brownie is a character, an alter-ego constructing a different truth, trying to investigate culture through new media production technology. What is allowed, and who decides the rules for aesthetics, fashion, and how to act/behave? What is the normal and how can we diversify our understanding of ‘normality’, Oshii strives to answer all these questions. Oshii preeminently focuses on building a platform that represents brown skin by retaining a position as a mascot of diversity and inclusiveness for the shared cultural landscape.

This bizarre fashion archive was founded by Ayesha M. Ali a Visual Artist from Pakistan, an idea that explores fashion, absurdity, beauty, and scrutiny through the lens of appropriation and popular understanding of culture. Ayesha’s practice, therefore, interrogates bizarreness and blurred boundaries between reality and illusions, different gender gradients, and their set roles through the language of costumes. In the quest to explore costume, drama, and the role of acted truth perceived by society. Costumes become a response towards observed/transforming culture but also an extension of the human body as a lab specimen. Our prêt-à-porter range of Coats, accessories, and much more. We also work on customized costumes, haute couture, High Fashion garments for specific occasions. Our designs are sold in finished condition in standardized sizes, as distinct from made-to-measure or haute couture costumes tailored to a particular person’s frame. The brand Oshii branched from the original idea of the character “Oshii Brownie”, creates fashion and futuristic wearable items inspired by theatre and science fiction.