Cosmic .

Imagining alternate space scenarios by fusing cultural references and reinterpreting futuristic human-bot portraits to visualize the near future.
This costume is designed for a cause to highlight the “inappropriate or excessive use of artificial light.” in our daily life. 80 percent of the world’s population lives under skyglow. For three billion years, life on Earth existed in a rhythm of light and dark that was created solely by the illumination of the Sun, Moon, and stars. Now, artificial lights overpower the darkness and our cities glow at night, disrupting the natural day-night pattern and shifting the delicate balance of our environment. Health effects of light pollution have not been as well defined for humans as for wildlife, although a compelling amount of epidemiologic evidence points to a consistent association between exposure to indoor artificial nighttime light and health problems such as breast cancer, Sleep disorders, and other psychological health effects
The costume is integrated with Smart Phone, placing a phone in front of my face and use a smartphone application that converts my voice into the light. I use it because we do not connect through face-to-face communication but with a smartphone (Smartphones deliver light to users through Light Emitting Diode (LED) displays. Blue light is the most potent wavelength for sleep and mood). And we hardly even notice that the beauty of dark skies above and these lights travel millions of light-years just to bring attention to the cosmos and Curiosity has its own reason for existing because curiosity is the essence of our existence. But artificial lights around us have already created a glare in our vision.
Studio: Oshii Brownie
Art Performance By Rayan Khan
Costume Designed: Ayesha M.ali
Video Coverage By @ammar ul Haq
Event Media Partner: Ticket Wala PK
Location:District19Khi, Karachi